Fabuland Manufacturing is situated in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It was registered in 2000, with its head office and manufacturing operation’s based in Building 10, East End, Prime Park, Montague Gardens, and Milnerton. Cape Town, South Africa. 7441.

Its core business was solely manufacturing Ballistic Body Armour, but that all changed when Fabuland was registered for Import & Export in 2006, and later converted from a Close Corporation to a Private Company (Pty Ltd) in 2010.

Between August 2018 – January 2019, Alexis Serra, Managing Director of Fabuland Pty Ltd, steered the company through a bold and controversial restructuring process, of which one, was relocating the company to Bertha`s Place, No 7 Mimosa Street, Steurhof Estate Plumstead.

Bertha`s Place is one of the (138) semi-attached cottages built during the 1940`s as a sub-economic housing estate, imbued with South African Apartheid history. Unfazed by hard change, Alexis considers owning a part of history in a disadvantage community a privilege, and an opportunity to implement the company’s corporate governance policy regarding social responsibility.

Leaning into the future when the economy changes and when it changes against one, is necessary for business viability .The shift of Fabuland ( Pty ) Ltd’s business model has positively impacted the company’s Finances.


With a reliable team and global logistic infrastructure, Fabuland (Pty) Ltd is capable of securing, importing & exporting a broad range of PERISHABLE, NON PERISHABLE and MEDICAL supplies across the globe and has built trusting business relationships over a period of 20yrs when dealing with serious and genuine buyers locally, nationally and globally.

Fabuland (Pty) Ltd has a strong logistic shipping agent (Air, Road, Rail, and Sea ), clearing and forwarding, including onsite delivery to ensure local, national and global serve excellence, because customer satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Global Logistic

Capable of securing, importing & exporting locally and globally.

Onsite Delivery

Ensure local, national and global serve excellence.


Fabuland (Pty) Ltd has a strong logistic shipping agent Air, Road, Rail, and Sea.

Over 20 Years of experience

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Alexis Serra: Managing Director
2002 – Current day


2021 will see Fabuland Pty Ltd embracing Modern networks which are now interwoven, with technology, mobile technology and business digital transformation to continue increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs. The company will also focus on pioneering unique products that increases local and global buyer’s value including marketing branded products..
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Fabuland Import / Export & Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd
Reg: 2010/021832/07

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